Study Program Digital Technology and Management

Motivation and Goals of the Program

Digitalization, connectivity, big data and AI, but also globalization have revolutionized the way companies are run. These megatrends impact not only the product and service offerings of companies. They are also fundamentally changing how companies develop, procure, produce and market, and how they earn money as a result.

To master this transformation, we need graduates

  • who think and act in an interdisciplinary, cross-functional and interfacing way;
  • who have a deep understanding of digital technologies as well as management know-how;
  • who posses language skills and intercultural competencies;
  • who are creative and at the same time strong in implementation;
  • who are able to familiarize themselves with ever new topics while still keeping an eye on the old.

These are exactly the competencies you will acquire in the Digital Technology and Management program!


These are your study benefits!

  • highly topical subjects (digitalization, networking, big data, globalization)
  • many interdisciplinary subjects, partly in cooperation with partner universities abroad
  • completely in English or, from the internship on, also in German
  • innovative teaching methods
  • extensive practical integration
  • first research experience
  • options for choice and specialization from the 1st semester onwards
  • summer and winter schools at home and abroad
  • top-class lecturers from science and practice
  • modern laboratories and equipment
  • small university and close supervision

The presentation of the study program summarizes these highlights and describes further details of the study program.

Job opportunities

Digitization affects all corporate functions in the value chain of manufacturing companies, from research, development and engineering, manufacturing and logistics to marketing, sales and services and support functions. Graduates of the study program will therefore find a wide range of job opportunities if they choose the appropriate specialization, in particular

  •     in digital or data-based after-sales,
  •     in key account management or sales of digital solutions,
  •     in technology purchasing

and especially in corporate and management functions, such as

  •     project management
  •     product management, and
  •     corporate development.

Doors are also wide open for our graduates in terms of the industries in which they will work. Cross-functional thinking, experience in the development and implementation of digital technologies, business knowledge, languages and intercultural skills are key employment criteria in international companies in all industries. Our regional and international partner companies are primarily

  •     in the electrical and automation industry as well as
  •     mechanical and plant engineering, but also in
  •     medical technology, healthcare, and
  •     online retailing.  

Start your career in the industries of the future. Become a part of innovative companies and global market leaders. Contribute to change by implementing digital solutions for your future employer! Graduates with the profile of the Digital Technology and Management program are indispensable and consequently belong to the top earners among academics.

Target groups

The English-taught Digital Technology and Management degree program is internationally oriented and offers various elective options. These can be used either for improving language skills, to participate in summer or winter schools or for the development of professional or personal skills. This makes the program very flexible and suitable for applicants with different educational backgrounds and language skills.

On the one hand, the course aims at applicants who only have basic knowledge of German (level A2) and wish to expand on this.

It is equally attractive for applicants who already have German language skills at level B2 or higher or are even native speakers.

Livestream Digital Technology and Management

As part of our series „Bachelor On Air”, Prof. Dr. Julia Heigl and the Head of the International Office, Dr. Annabelle Wolff, presented the degree programme „Digital Technology and Management” in a YouTube livestream on Thursday, 15 July 2021. If you missed the livestream, you are welcome to watch the video again.