Have you completed a Bachelor's degree in logistics, business administration, trade and service management, engineering, computer science or similar? Do you want to gain further qualifications to take on complex specialist and management tasks? Are you interested in exciting questions at the interface between business administration, engineering and information technology?

The master's degree in Logistics & Digitalization will provide you with key skills for specialists and managers who want to work in a dynamic, global environment. As a graduate of the master's degree program, you will have sound knowledge in the design and operation of logistics facilities and processes, in the planning, optimization and management of international supply chains as well as in the areas of smart and agile logistics, IoT, Logistics 4.0 and SCM 4.0.

This focus on the economic, technical and information-technical fields is illustrated by the award of the academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). It is also reflected in the contents of the module areas that characterize the program

  • Logistics processes,
  • Logistics technology and
  • Digitalization of logistics

with their corresponding courses.

However, the aim of the Master's programme in Logistics & Digitalization is not merely to impart specialist knowledge, but to develop your personal skills in a holistic way. Thus, the course offers you the opportunity to refine your social skills for cooperation in internal and external working groups. Through self-reflection and self-awareness - especially through your own logistics and digital training - we enable you to act professionally in an industrial or trade-related context and to become active in design. As a Master's student, you will also be characterised by an improved ability to work in a team, to think in an interdisciplinary way and to act in a value-oriented manner.

Job opportunities

Your career opportunities as a graduate of the Master's degree program in Logistics & Digitalization are excellent:

  • According to statements by associations and companies, highly qualified employees are urgently sought on the job market. [1]
  • With your sound scientific and practical training, you can be employed in many areas of logistics.
  • Thanks to your supplementary qualification in business management skills as well as your advanced digital and IT skills, work tasks in logistics, trade, industry and services as well as international supply chain management are open to you. This includes both the operative specialist area and management functions at the top and top management level (senior level).

Potential employers in the border region of OTH Amberg-Weiden include in particular manufacturers of logistics systems, mail order companies, logistics service providers, production companies, international groups, medical technology manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Supra-regional employment opportunities are also available in the transport and logistics, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering sectors, as well as in institutes and associations.

Our Master's students in the field of Logistics & Digitalizationn are characterized by their ability to develop and evaluate scientific approaches and methods and to successfully transfer them to companies or the scientific community (committees, associations and institutes). The degree can therefore serve excellent students as a basis for further scientific qualification in a subsequent doctoral process and enable them to work in scientific institutions.

By focusing on logistics and digital content and topics, you as a student of the Master's programme in Logistics & Digitalization will clearly stand out from the mass of classic business administration Master's students when it comes to applications.

[1] N.N., „WISU - current issue, Study report: Studying logistics“, 10, 2018, S. 1076–81 <http://www.wisu.de/zeitschrift/aktuell.php> [accessed 15 November 2018].


Apply now for the Master's programme in Logistics and Digitalization!

You can apply for a place at the OTH Amberg-Weiden for the winter semester as well as for the summer semester

Application period for the summer semester
You can apply online for the summer semester from 15 November to 15 February.

Application period for the winter semester
For the winter semester starting on October 1, you can apply online from May 1 to July 15.

More detailed information on application and registration can be found here

Access and admission requirements

You can apply for a study place within the  application period in the  application portal of OTH-Amberg-Weiden

In order to be admitted to the Master's programme in Logistics & Digitalization, you should fulfil the following requirements (excerpts from §5 and §6 of the study and examination regulations of the programme submitted for approval):

  1. Admission to the Master's programme requires an average degree from a relevant Bachelor's programme with at least 210 ECTS credits or an equivalent domestic or foreign degree. If relevant courses of study do not have ECTS credits, 30 credits per full-time semester are taken as a basis.
  2. On average, German higher education institutions are considered to award degrees with an overall grade of "very good" or "good" (at least 2.5). If a conversion of the overall grade is necessary due to deviating grading systems, this is done according to the so-called "modified Bavarian formula" in accordance with the general examination regulations of the East Bavarian Technical University of Amberg-Weiden. An applicant with a degree from a foreign university is recommended to submit a letter of recognition of the degree issued by a certified institution (e.g. uni-assist) by the end of the application period. The decision on admission to the course of study is made by the examination board. The Examination Commission may decide that the grading criterion mentioned in sentence 1 is considered fulfilled if the applicants concerned provide written evidence that they are among the best 60% of the graduates of their degree programme in their final year; the sole criterion for comparison is the overall grade achieved in the final examination. Applicants who are not admitted in the pre-selection process can prove their course-specific aptitude by successfully passing an aptitude test.
  3. In addition to business administration-oriented courses of study, courses of study with elements from logistics (e.g. business administration, trade and service management, logistics & digitisation, international technology management), engineering (e.g. industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering) or computer science are considered relevant. The Examination Commission decides on the relevance of these subjects.
  4. Graduates of a Bachelor's programme with less than 210 (but at least 180) ECTS credits have the opportunity to prove their lack of theoretical skills by successfully completing modules from an undergraduate programme at the university. The modules to be taken are usually part of the study and examination regulations of the degree programmes "Logistics & Digitalization", "Business Administration", "Trade and Service Management" or "International Business" in the currently valid version or courses offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb). The general examination regulations of the East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences apply with regard to failing modules and their repetition possibilities. The examination board determines the modules to be taken in detail. Missing practical competences can be proven by practical work experience which meets the requirements of the practical semester in the courses of studies mentioned in paragraph 3.
  5. Applications for admission to the Master's programme for studies beginning in the summer semester must be submitted to the university by 15 January of the respective year, for studies beginning in the winter semester by 15 July of the respective year. The university may extend these deadlines if necessary.
  6. Applicants for the Master's programme who, at the time of the application deadline for the Master's programme, do not yet have an overall examination result, but who can credibly demonstrate a successful first degree by the start of the Master's programme, will be admitted to the programme on condition that they provide the required evidence within two semesters of starting the Master's programme. Credibility of the degree is established by submitting a transcript of records, which certifies that the student has achieved all the academic achievements required for successful completion of the course.
  7. Applicants who have neither obtained a first degree nor the university entrance qualification in German must provide proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language in accordance with § 3 paragraph 3 of the statutes on the matriculation procedure of the East Bavarian Technical University.
  8. If applicants are not admitted, they will be informed in writing, giving reasons. A renewed application is only possible once and again at the earliest in the following application period. Admission remains valid until there is a substantial change in the course of study.


Study models

The Master's programme in Logistics & Digitalization is planned as a consecutive full-time Master's programme. You can find out more about the structure of the Master's programme under  Study Procedure.

You would like to study part-time instead. We also offer further education master's degree programs, which you can complete alongside your career. You can find further information at www.oth-professional.de

first-hand experience

Julia Engel - Student

Ramona Merk – Student

During my business administration studies at the OTH Amberg-Weiden, I already focused on logistics. Through the many excursions, project work, etc., the theoretical lecture contents could be combined with practice-oriented examples. The general contact at the university is very familiar. The professors and lecturers always have an open ear for students. The individual supervision during the final thesis is particularly noteworthy. Here, the professors support the students with words and deeds.

When the master's degree course "Logistics & Digitalization" was launched at the OTH Amberg-Weiden, I saw the ideal opportunity to further specialize in the field of logistics or to deepen my previous expertise. If you are particularly interested in the areas of intralogistics, logistics systems and supply chain management and would like to combine logistical and technical knowledge, this master's degree course is the right choice for you. The lecture contents are strongly focused on the aspect of logistics 4.0. Here again, there are numerous project works in which subject-specific and methodical knowledge is to be imparted. The aspect of "digitalisation" is of course a major topic in today's world and it is hard to imagine everyday life in the workplace or at home without it. The academic degree "Master of Science" also offers the opportunity to stand out from the broad mass of graduates on the job market.