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E-mail, contacts and calendar

Basically there are four ways to retrieve emails, contacts and calendar entries:

  •     Webmail
  •     Desktop Windows Groupwise Client
  •     Other programs (clients) e.g. Thunderbird ...
  •     Access with mobile Android/iOS devices


Webmail is a very convenient application for decentralized management of one's electronic mail. It allows all the basic functions a user expects from an email client, such as reading, writing and deleting emails. It is also possible to schedule and manage appointments.

GroupWise Webmail-Server

Microfocus Groupwise

Groupwise is pre-installed for staff and professors. Students can download Groupwise below:

Other Programs for e-mail, contacts and calendar

If you need/want to use another program to manage your mail, contacts and calendars (e.g. Thunderbird or Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, Apple Contacts, Lightning, Evolution, KMail), you can set this up using SMTP and IMAP access for Mail, CardDAV for Contacts and CalDAV for Calendars.

Server names

SMTP: (Attention: Username here is the complete OTH mail address!)
IMAP: (Attention: Username here is the four-digit OTH user ID!)
CalDAV or CardDAV:

Synchronisation of Mobile Devices

You want the convenience of Groupwise on your smartphone

  •     Your e-mails always at hand
  •     Your contacts always at hand
  •     your appointments up to date

Then activate the data synchronization for your RZ account online and configure your smartphone.

When does synchronization with GroupWise make sense for you?

  •     You have a data flat rate with your cell phone provider.
  •     You want to use your OTH e-mail, contacts and calendar data in GroupWise effectively via your smartphone.
  •     You do not yet have any other synchronization of data to your cell phone.

Activation of sync

Read and accept the notes on data protection, cost risk and data loss. Specify your RZ account for which you want to activate data synchronization, confirm with your password.

E-Mail-Verteilerlisten für Wissenschaft und Forschung

DFN offers universities a service for distribution lists for science and research.

You can register here and create and/or subscribe to distribution lists.

Documentation and FAQ can also be found on the pages of this service.

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