Our offer

We translate (paper-based) exercises from your own lecture into digital exercises with automatic correction, randomisation and individual feedback.  

We search for digital exercises that meet your requirements by consulting network partners and international databases.    

We translate your exercises and make them usable in multiple languages, especially with international students in mind. 

We program new digital exercises according to your wishes and requirements. In a mutual iterative process, we incorporate your ideas and comments step by step

We support you in linking your digital exercises to learning analytics for needs-based evaluation and the realisation of just-in-time teaching.  

We organise workshops on topics related to the use, implementation and further development of digital exercises.  

  •     Presentation of digital task topics
  •     Demonstration of examples of use
  •     Needs orientation

Possible topics

  •     Use of units of measurement
  •     Creating animation with JSXGraph
  •     Incorporating multimodal feedback
  •     Feedback theory from practice
  •     Quality assurance measures
  •     Best practice examples from STACK conferences

Best Practice in use

We meet regularly with interested users to discuss problems in the development and use of digital exercises and to exchange new ideas and solution approaches. 

Contact: Johannes Knaut
Phone: +49 (9621) 482-3731
E-mail: j.knaut@oth-aw.de

We inform you about different possibilities of gamification in connection with digital exercises and support you in their application.  

  • Presentation of gamification as a motivator
  • Illustration and explanation of different examples of use in terms of motivational type and practicability
  • Overview of different possibilities of gamification in connection with STACK and other digital task types
  • Explanation of different plug-ins for gamification in Moodle such as Level Up!+, Learning Maps, Quizventure, and many more