Decentralized electric drive

Project goal

Design of a demonstrator for a decentralized electric drive.

In contrast to the currently preferred system topology, the real-time software for controlling an electric drive or the asynchronous motor used for it is to be executed on a low-cost microcontroller. The hardware required to build the demonstrator, such as the microcontroller as a control platform and the power electronics with drivers, is to be built from evaluation boards that can be purchased freely.

The design of the controller firmware and the software for motor control will be implemented using the two software tools Matlab and Simulink from the manufacturer MathWorks. Using the embedded coder, the automated code generation for the microcontroller unit of the evaluation board is based on the Simulink simulation model.

In summary, the low-cost controller evaluation board will be connected to the existing power electronics of the hardware and act as a control platform for the decentralized drive demonstrator.

The research project is carried out at the OTH Amberg-Weiden. The client is an industrial partner.

Project duration

October 2021 to September 2022 (12 months)