Optimal control of the synchronous reluctance machine

Project goal

Development of an efficiency-trimmed field-oriented control for an inverter-fed synchronous reluctance machine at different operating points.

Usually, in the classical industrial environment, the reference signals of the Id and Iq currents of the field-oriented control are chosen to be equal in magnitude due to the minimum current heat losses in the stator of the synchronous reluctance machine. However, this constellation only considers the current heat losses in the stator of the electric machine and not the additional electrical losses of the upstream power electronics.
Here, in the context of the selected operating point, a special constellation of the Id and Iq currents can provide for a more efficient behavior of the entire industrial application, which will be developed, investigated, implemented, tested and evaluated within the scope of this research project.

The research project is carried out at the OTH Amberg-Weiden as part of a Master-of-Applied-Research project.

Project duration

March 2022 to September 2023 (19 months)


Felix Sommerer