Prior to your employment in the company, you will be trained by us to analyse processes and problems of business practice and to develop practical solutions. In addition, you will learn to focus on international relations ("business problem-solving skills"). With us, you will receive the necessary tools on a professional, methodical and personal social level. It is particularly important to us that you as a student learn to reflect on the values and norms of today's economic systems. It is our goal that you will be able to take on material and management tasks in companies and administration after graduation, as well as to work in an entrepreneurial or freelance capacity. You will also be able to apply new scientific findings in practice. Your choice of two majors allows for a moderate specialization, which takes into account the interdisciplinary nature of this subject.

Your studies of Business Management include:

  • Basic modules (25 ECTS)
  • Basic modules in business administration (50 ECTS)
  • Specialization modules (40 ECTS)
  • supplementary specialization modules (25 ECTS)
  • Key qualification modules (30 ECTS)
  • Practical semester (25 ECTS)
  • Bachelor thesis incl. colloquium (15 ECTS)

In the first two semesters you will attend the courses of the basic modules and the basic business administration modules. In these courses you will acquire the business management know-how that you will need in the course of your studies to gain a basic understanding and as a tool. You will attend the following courses:

  • Accounting theory/ technique
  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Basics of economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Economic statistics

You will get to know the different areas of business administration in the basic business administration modules ("function teachings"). These cover the topics

  • Marketing
  • Labour Law
  • Private Business Law
  • Financial and investment economy
  • Information Management
  • cost and performance accounting
  • Organization
  • Human Resource Management
  • Production and Logistics and
  • Tax theory

The study programs with their specialization modules form the core competence you acquire in your studies at our university. For this purpose, you will choose one of the following fields of study at the beginning of the fourth semester:  

A flexible selection of subject combinations guarantees that the course of study can be individually designed according to your interests and needs.

In addition to the specialization modules in your chosen field of study, you will acquire further business management skills in five supplementary specialization modules. The mandatory modules are Business Start-Up and Economics and Politics, and if applicable, another module from your field of study. You are free to choose two to three further modules from a wide range of courses to suit your specialization.

Throughout the duration of your studies, you will also complete six key qualification modules. Although these are related to your studies, they are mainly aimed at teaching you personal skills or strengthening existing ones. In addition to modules prescribed for your studies, you have the opportunity to enhance your individual qualifications, for example, through

  • further languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese etc.
  • or modules like Excel for Powerusers, Event Management or Rhetoric and many more

Here, as with other electives, you can also benefit from the extensive range of courses offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria and complete events completely individually via e-learning.

In the sixth semester, you can expand the skills you have learned during your studies through company practice in the practical phase of at least 18 weeks. You will gain insights into your future professional life and make valuable contacts for your career. When looking for an internship, we provide you with a lot of useful information. You can find out more about the internship semester on the sites of the study office.

The focus of the seventh semester is the bachelor thesis, in which you work on and present a practice-oriented business problem. Preferably, you will write it directly in or for a company.

Course of studies

The course of study comprises a total of seven semesters. After successful completion, you will start your professional life with the title Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.). This qualifies you to work in business, in the public sector or as a self-employed business economist.

The standard duration of your studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration is seven semesters including the practical phase and the Bachelor thesis. Your studies are modularly structured, whereby you will gain partial qualifications after completing the individual modules. All modules build on each other thematically and chronologically. If you successfully complete individual modules with an examination, you will be credited with a certain number of credit points (ECTS points). A module usually comprises 5 credit points. For the successful completion of your Bachelor's degree, your points account at the end of your studies counts for a total of at least 210 credit points.

For each credit point, you as a student are assumed to have 30 hours of work. Your studies are divided into three study sections, which document the progress of your studies:

  • the first stage of studies (1st and 2nd semester)
  • the second stage of study (3rd, 4th and 5th semester)
  • the third stage of studies (6th and 7th semester)

The practical phase and your bachelor thesis are in the third study phase.

If you are aiming for a higher academic degree, you have the possibility of taking up a consecutive or (after a phase of initial professional practice) further training Master's programme. You can find information about the master's programmes at our university or cooperation master's programmes ​​​​​ here.


Course Catalogue & Curriculum

In the course catalogue of the current semester you will find all the information about the modules offered in the Business Management course and the course of your studies. Among other things, you can read there which lecturer teaches the course, which learning objectives it contains and in which order you should ideally study the modules.

The study plan presents the modules of the Business Management course in chronological order over the semesters. Here you can find out which lecturers are giving lectures in the current semester. You will also find out which study and examination credits are to be earned.

You can download the currently valid course catalogue and the study plan for the Business Management course as PDF files (in German):

Timetable / Examination Schedule

In the timetable you will find the current lecture times of the Business Management course. It lists the lecture times for basic modules, advanced modules, key qualifications and integrative modules in a weekly view. You can also find all timetables in our OTH-AW-App

On the examination schedule you will find all important information about your upcoming examinations. Here you can access the current examination schedule (as soon as available) for the Business Management program (documents in German).

Study and Examination Regulations

The course is legally regulated by the study and examination regulations, the general examination regulations of the university and the framework examination regulations for all universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. Here you will find the current study and examination regulations for the Bachelor of Business Management course (in German) as well as statutes from the past years. If you are studying under a statute that dates back even further, you can view it in PRIMUSS or in the Dean's office.