Our courses of study

Depending on the area in which you would like to start or continue your professional career, you can choose between the following study programs in the Business Administration program of the Faculty of Business Administration / Weiden Business School:

Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation (FACT)

You are interested in the fascinating world of the stock market and how you can make more out of your own money and other people's money - even in times of low interest rates. You also want to know how Amazon and Google manage to legally tax profits as low as possible through international contracts and transactions or how a cum-ex business works. Then FACT is the right place for you.

We will show you how to apply controlling tools correctly, how to evaluate companies, business units and intangible assets, how the capital markets work, how to hedge the prices of stocks and currencies and the prices of raw materials against losses, how insurance companies and their governmental support measures work and what is behind the Paradise and Panama papers. Download the flyer with information on the FACT study programme here:

Module overview of the study programme

  • Accounting & Controlling
    • Company valuation
    • Controlling along the value chain or auditing and publication of annual financial statements
    • Selected fields of application of controlling
    • IT-supported controlling tools
  • Finance
    • Corporate Finance
    • Risk Management
    • Financial markets & institutions
    • Financial Planning
  • Taxation
    • Taxes, investment and financing
    • Value added tax and tax balance sheet
    • Tax planning of the legal form and business succession
    • Company taxation in case studies

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Finance & Economics

Are you interested in financial markets from a business and economic perspective and would like to improve your competitive position on the labour market by taking a broader view? We will show you why Germany benefits from foreign trade and how exciting modern microeconomics can be. We also focus on investment and financing projects from a risk and return perspective and analyse the functioning of financial markets. And all this against the background of current financial and economic policy processes. 
Download the flyer for the Finance & Economics course of studies:


    Module overview of the study program

    • Corporate Finance
    • Asset Management
    • Foreign trade theory and policy, globalization (vhb)
    • Risk Management
    • Financial Planning
    • Economic Policy
    • Applied Microeconomics
    • Financial Markets & Financial Institutions

    Logistik & Supply Chain Management

    Are you interested in procurement, eProcurement, design and improvement of business processes, the conception of smart distribution strategies or Supply Chain Management 4.0?

    We will show you how you, as a logistician and supply chain manager, can creatively design innovative, agile processes with domestic and foreign suppliers, your colleagues and customers, accompany their implementation and control their operations! We will provide you with the knowledge of logistics and supply chain management that you need for this. You will also learn important aspects of digitalization and process design and optimization. You will also learn how to assess the profitability of your planning and ongoing operations or how to manage and promote your personnel.


        Module overview of the study programme

        • Logistics Management
        • Information systems
        • Controlling along the value chain
        • Innovative procurement and eProcurement
        • Logistics in the company
        • supply chain management (SCM)
        • Work system and process design 
        • Application-oriented basics of the Programming

        Independent of the study programme Logistics & Supply Chain Management, we offer a  Bachelor's programme in Logistics & Digitalization  at our university. You are welcome to inform yourself on the pages of the Logistics & Digitalization course of studies or get non-binding advice on your choice of study.

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        Marketing & Sales

        Marketing and sales pursue the same goal: winning customers, retaining customers and conquering new sales markets. That's why we also offer you the corresponding knowledge in a double pack - with the Marketing and Sales course.

        On the one hand, they deal with the marketing of a product or a service. This includes product design and communication or pricing. On the other hand, you deal with sales, i.e. the turnover and distribution of goods or services. 

          Module overview of the study programme

          • Market research including SPSS (statistics and analysis software)
          • sales management
          • online marketing
          • Brands and marketing concepts
          • International marketing communication
          • HR III: Employer Branding & Employee Retention
          • Marketing Instruments
          • Project Management

          Business Information Technology

          Are you curious about innovative applications of digital technologies and would like to support companies on their journey into the digital age? Then the Business Information Systems course is just right for you! Your future fields of application range from the implementation of digital business models, the design and optimization of business processes, the introduction of business information systems to the management of all IT resources of a company. As a Business Information Systems specialist, you will shape digitisation in business, administration and society.

          Module overview of the study programme

          • Mobile App Development
          • Digital Venture Development
          • Integrated Information Systems
          • Digital Analytics Engineering
          • Application Conception and Process Design
          • Digital Data Management
          • IT-Management
          • Digital Capstone Project

          First hand experience

          Rebecca Eichermüller, Student majoring in business informatics

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          Organizational psychology & Human Resource Management (HRM)

          Success is made by people, not by computers or systems. That is why psychology plays a central role in the economy. For example in employee motivation, change management or leadership behaviour.

          We will teach you how you, as a personnel officer, HR recruiter, HR controller, representative for company health management (BGM), can look after and lead employees and thus help to shape the company's operations and strategic orientation.

          In project-related courses you will learn how to determine and strengthen the status quo of the employer brand in cooperation with companies and how to increase employee loyalty. On the one hand, you will learn to accompany change management processes so that the acceptance of the workforce is guaranteed. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to create workshop offers and (in part) present them to your fellow students. In diversity management, empirical projects are implemented with regard to the diversity of the workforce. With the strongly practice-oriented courses we prepare you optimally for your career entry.

            Module overview of the study programme

            • Basics of business psychology
            • HR I: Leadership Diversity Management
            • Personalcontrolling
            • HR II: Training & Development
            • HR III: Employer Branding & Employee Retention
            • Organizational Behavior
            • Behavioral Finance
            • Diversity Management

            First hand experience

            Sarah Holzgartner, Student majoring in Organizational Psychology & Human Resource Management

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            International Business

            Are you interested in international economic relations, do you want to get to know other cultures and promote your company in the import/export sector? Then our International Business degree program might be right for you.

            Among other things, we will show you how the European Union works, how exporters can secure their receivables or how subsidiaries can be founded abroad. In addition, you will learn more about the particularities of dealing with other cultures, how marketing concepts are adapted to foreign countries or how international corporations prepare their balance sheets. In addition, we provide you with basic knowledge of Spanish and in-depth knowledge of business English. This will make you fit for the international arena! 

              Module overview of the study programme

              • International Business Law
              • Intercultural communication
              • International marketing communication
              • Foreign trade theory and policy, globalization (vhb)
              • English for Business
              • International Management
              • Spanish as a business language
              • International transport logistics

              Independent of the International Business course of studies, we offer the english-language Bachelor program „International Business“  at our university. You are welcome to inform yourself on the pages of the course of studies or get non-binding advice regarding your choice of study.

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              Business Communications

              Are you interested in business and at the same time enthusiastic about communication and language? Do you possess social competence and creativity? Can you inspire others with your ideas? Do you also have a high affinity for media? Then Business Communication is the right course for you!

              We'll show you how to advise and support companies and public institutions as a communications expert in the service industry, at agencies or media companies. Society, politics and business have an increasing demand for qualified employees and managers who are well-versed in public relations (PR) or strategic and internal communications.

              In project-related courses you will acquire a broad-based competence in many facets of corporate communications. You will learn how to develop campaigns or competent crisis management. You will also create creative and attractive web design. Internally you will learn how to lead employees through discussions.

              In order to be able to act competently in the global business world, we teach intercultural skills and languages. In seminars, workshops and with a strong practical component, you will develop the necessary content to prepare you optimally for your career start. 

                Module overview of the study programme

                • International marketing communication
                • Public Relations
                • Sales management
                • Intercultural communication
                • Web Design
                • HR: Conducting a conversation
                • Seminar on the discussion of values in business and society
                • Project Management

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