Information for the winter semester 2023 (october 1st, 2023)

The upcoming winter semester will be conducted on campus in Weiden.

Please make sure to apply for your Visa as soon as possible so that you can come to Germany when the semester starts.
Please note that you will not be given a place in student appartements. You have to apply for a room at the Studentenwerk Oberfranken.
Waiting time for a room can be 1-3 semesters or maybe even longer. Links to privately owned appartements in and around Weiden as well as further information can be found at

Do you seek to work in an international environment? Multilingual teams and stays abroad are exactly what you want. Would you like to participate and collaborate in a diverse global business environment? Would you like to consolidate your command of the English language and use it in everyday business life?

Then, our International Business Bachelor’s Degree Program is the right place for you!

Global markets are changing rapidly. Major companies as well as start-ups and medium-sized businesses engage internationally more and more. If you wish to participate and shape these markets, our International Business Bachelor’s Degree Program (CEE) provides you the knowledge and competences required. You will undergo comprehensive, English-taught business administration studies and you will also acquire specific intercultural and linguistic expertise. This will enable you to build a career in market-leading international companies and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Job opportunities

In our region, there are already numerous multinational and medium sized companies, which are active worldwide. With your international business knowledge, your mastery of intercultural business practices and your cultural expertise, you will become part of their success story.

With our Bachelor's degree, you will get the  entrepreneurial mindset to shape your future in international business. Your sound academic and at the same time practice-oriented education opens up all fields of business administration. A facultative semester abroad and a mandatory internship abroad contribute to the practical relevance. Your additional qualifications in intercultural and language skills will not only open up exciting fields of activity in Controlling, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources, but also numerous other international business areas. Regardless of which path you take, this course of study creates the basis for mastering cross-border challenges brilliantly.

Study models

In addition to pure full-time studies, there is also the possibility of combining studies at our university with regular vocational training (combined studies) within the framework of a so-called "dual study programme". Or you can combine the comprehensive theory at the university with intensive practical phases in companies (studies with in-depth practical experience).

Further Information

More information on the dual study models and entry via vocational training is available at


The program starts in the summer semester and in the winter semester.

Application period for the summer semester
For the summer semester starting on March 15, you can apply online from 15 November to 15 January. 

Application period for the winter semester
For the winter semester starting on October 1, you can apply online from May 1 to July 15.

You can apply through this applicant portal.

More detailed information on application and registration.

Access and admission requirements

The International Business course is not admissions restricted and does not require the student to pass an aptitude test. You can apply for a study place within the application period in the application portal of the OTH-Amberg-Weiden.

General information about application, admission & enrollments can be found here.

A special feature of the course is that it is held 100 percent in English. For this reason, there are special qualification requirements for the programme, which applicants should fulfil or provide proof of:

  • Applicants with a school leaving certificate from a foreign school are recommended to submit a certificate of recognition of the school leaving certificate issued by a certified institution (e.g. uni-assist) by the end of the application period. The decision on admission to the course of study is made by the examination board.

  • A sufficient knowledge of the English language must be demonstrated by a language certificate corresponding to level B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This proof can be provided by a valid/current IBT (Internet-Based Test) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of at least 71, IELTS Cambridge Test with 6, the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) with a score of at least 780, or equivalent proof, e.g. through corresponding modules in the final certificate. Proof is not required if the university entrance qualification or the university degree was obtained in English.

  • Basic knowledge of German at A2 level must be proven by the time you start the practical semester at the latest.

For detailed information please refer to §3 of the Program and Examination Regulations for the International Business Degree Program. You can view them here.

Brochure: Your perfect start to study at OTH Amberg-Weiden


Here you can find frequently asked questions concerning our study program International Business.

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Unfortunately, some links are only available in German. If you enter websites which are not translated to English, we recommend using as a translation tool.

For all concerns please use the e-mail address
(If necessary, your questions will be forwarded to the respective person of contact (POC). You can also find the respective person of contact (POC) at the end of each question)

Questions concerning my application

(POC: Kathrin Forster)​​​​​​​
The application has to be done online by following the instructions in application system Primuss

(POC: Kathrin Forster)​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​You can check the status of your application in your personal account after you have registered. Please make sure you remember your login dates.

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
​​​​​​​The application has to be done online by following the instructions in application system Primuss.

(POC: Kathrin Forster & Uni-assist)​​​​​​​
All international applicants (including citizens of EU-member states) who have not obtained their higher education entrance qualification (i.e. secondary-school leaving certificate) in Germany must have their credentials reviewed and approved by uni-assist. Please note that it can take up to several weeks until you receive your VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation = necessary document for your application). After having received or while waiting for your VPD you can apply at OTH Amberg-Weiden and upload your documents in Primuss.

(POC: Kathrin Forster & Uni-assist)
​​​​​​​Even if you already have a VPD from another university, you still have to apply for a VPD specifically for OTH Amberg-Weiden.

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
If you are from a non-EU-member-state, you need to apply for a visa at the German embassy in your home country. Please note that it can take up to several weeks until you receive your visa. Make sure that you apply early.

(POC: Studentenwerk Oberfranken)
If you fulfil the requirements, you can apply for BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz). You can find information on the website of the Studentenwerk.

(POC: Kathrin Forster) There is a semester ticket for public transport available. How to apply and further information can be found here:

(POC: Kathrin Forster)
​​​​​​​This is a non-NC (numerus clausus) degree program that does not require tuition payment by neither national nor international students. There is no tuition fee, you only have to pay 72€ per semester for administrative matters (student identity card etc.).

(POC: M.A. Cornelia Oszlonyai, Kathrin Forster)
The examination board will decide whether your language skills as well as other qualifications are adequate, or if you need to submit further certificates. Language certificates and other necessary documents have to be uploaded in the application system Primuss. Proof of English B2 can be submitted until the immatriculation period. Proof of German A2 can be submitted after your first year at the latest. Information about requirements for our study program International Business can be found can be found on the pages "Access and admission restrictions" of the programme

One of the following English language tests with minimum scores as indicated will be sufficient:

  • TOEFL IBT - 71
  • IELTS Cambridge - 6
  • TOEIC – 780

Please always use the application system PRIMUSS and do not send your certificates via e-mail in advance.

(POC: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Murry, Theresa Schreiber)
General requirements can be found at the website how-to-apply. Information about requirements for our study program International Business can be found at the can be found on the pages "Access and admission restrictions" of the programme

Questions concerning the study program:

Material for some courses might be online and you can start doing self-study. You can join us on campus as soon as you are here.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
​​​​​​​General information concerning your studies at OTH Amberg-Weiden and International Business can be found in the Moodle course „International Business – General Information”. After the login with your login dates which you receive after enrolment you can get access to this course. If you have general questions in advance you can contact our Faculty Assistant Theresa Schreiber or our Study und Career Service

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
You can find information about the study program and the relevant courses on our homepage, in the module handbook or in the timetable.  

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
You can find information about the study program and the relevant courses on our homepage, in the module handbook or in the timetable.  

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)
​​​​​​​We use the learning management system MoodleAfter the login with your login dates which you will receive after enrolment you can get access to your courses and the respective lecture material.

(POC: Theresa Schreiber)

You are allowed to take additional language courses like Chinese, French, etc. These language courses can be accredited as Soft Skill Modules (according to the specific regulations which can be found in the course catalogue). 

Please note that educational residents of the respective language are not allowed to take these courses, e.g. if you are French or if you have graduated in a French school or already have previous knowledge of French on a higher level, you are not allowed to participate in a French course for starters.

For more information on language courses, please visit


Questions concerning life in Germany:

(POC: Felicitas Langowski & Andreas Schaller)
Yes. Please contact our Health Insurance Officer, Mr. Schaller, from Techniker Krankenkasse (cc). He will assist you in taking out health insurance. You may as well apply online. If you want to take out a full package with TK's partner Expatrio, follow this link

(POC: Felicitas Langowski & Andreas Schaller)
You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.

(POC: Dr. Annabelle Wolff & Studentenwerk Oberfranken)
You can find accommodations, which are only 5 minutes walking distance from the university. Please note that in Germany, accommodation in student halls of residence is not automatically granted upon admission to a degree program. Please make your own arrangements for accommodation and, above all, make sure you make them in good time.

First-hand Experience

Fuseini Mohammed, student of the International Business program

Catrina Cook – Student

“Almost every business today is internationally oriented. That's why having a good command of English gives you a clear competitive advantage over other applicants. The OTH not only offers the necessary know-how, but also the best study conditions. Here you feel comfortable, use modern lecture halls, are well supervised by professors and work in exciting projects with and for companies.”