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Good news up front: We can still prevent or at least mitigate it, the climate catastrophe!

Necessary for this: Qualified engineers with their inventiveness and creativity. And you can be one of them.

Climate change is threatening humanity - not just in Europe, but worldwide. The cause is the greenhouse gases that we humans put into the atmosphere, mainly by burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas to satisfy our hunger for energy. But, there are sustainable alternatives. First and foremost is energy efficiency: how can we achieve the same effect with as little energy consumption as possible? Then comes the use of renewable energies such as wind power, hydropower, solar energy and bioenergy, and thus a largely emission-free and resource-conserving provision of energy. And, to ensure that exactly the right amount of energy arrives where it is needed at the right time, clever energy management and the appropriate technical systems for transport, distribution and, if necessary, energy conversion and storage are required. This global energy transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy systems requires not only political will, as laid down in national and international climate targets, but above all highly qualified experts. And if there are many of them, we can achieve the global energy transition.

In the master's program "International Energy Engineering" you will learn the necessary engineering contexts, procedures and concepts in an international environment. This will lead you to a sound expertise in all areas of environmentally friendly energy engineering, which you can deepen according to your individual inclinations due to a wide range of electives.

In the course of your studies, you will mainly work and research in the field of environmentally friendly energy technologies. Furthermore, you will deal with potentials and economic efficiency, supply and demand of energy. Through additional subjects in the field of energy law, innovation management and intercultural competence and communication, you will also expand your competencies in the area of soft skills.

If you already have a bachelor's degree in an engineering-related field and are interested in making a global contribution to environmental protection and sustainability as well as gaining in-depth knowledge and communication skills in the context of sustainability, the master's program "International Energy Engineering" is just right for you.

Career opportunities

In the field of international energy technology, you will work in a constantly growing future market. Due to the international nature of the program, conducted completely in the world language English, and fellow students from many different countries, there are excellent opportunities throughout the global job market - energy is needed everywhere and is the basis of every economic system.

The diverse skills you will acquire in the field of energy technology will enable you to develop, dimension, build and operate energy technology systems. Likewise, you will be able to work in the areas of consulting, strategic planning, product development and simulation, in a national, but especially in an international environment.

The skills in scientific work also open up the possibility of a scientific career with activities in global energy research as well as a doctorate.

With the international master's degree "M.Eng.", many paths are open to you: in the energy market and in the energy industry, many highly qualified specialists will still be needed in the long term, both in Germany and internationally.



You want to apply for the Master's program International Energy Engineering at our university? The program starts in the summer semester as well as in the winter semester.

Application period for the summer semester (only for Bachelor's degrees with 210 ECTS*)
For the summer semester starting on March 15, you can apply from November 15 to December 15.

Important: Students with a Bachelor degree of 180 ECTS* can only apply for the winter semester.

Application period for the winter semester starting
For the winter semester starting on October 1, you can apply online from May 01 to June 15.

Admission requirements and admission procedure

Basic requirements:

  •     Completed bachelor or diploma studies with an overall final grade according to the German grading system is 2.5 or better 
    • in an engineering course of study: e.g. energy technology, renewable energies, environmental technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, supply engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering with a corresponding technical focus or equivalent course of study
    • with at least 20 ECTS* credits from the competence fields: Mathematics, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, Fundamentals of Chemistry, Fundamentals of Physics, Computer Science/Programming.
  •     Only for applicants with a degree from outside Germany: You must submit your degree-related documents to Uni-Assist and apply for a Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD) for Masters´programmes, made out specifically to OTH Amberg-Weiden. The VPD will confirm to the University:
    • The overall grade you gained for your Bachelor´s degree, converted into a grade in the German system.
    • The number of credit points according to the ECTS*: either 180 ECTS points or 210 ECTS points.
  •     Knowledge of the English language at least on level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference. Proof by one of the following English language tests with the specified minimum score: TOEFL IBT - 80 / IELTS Cambridge - 6 / TOEIC - 780. Proof is not required if the university entrance qualification or the university degree was obtained in English.
  •     Knowledge of the German language at least at level A2: Proof by the end of the first year of study at the latest. German language instruction is included in the curriculum, but not sufficient for level A2. The university will assist in finding additional German courses.
  • Only for Indian students: The APS certificate is mandatory before UniAssist will provide you with your Vorprüfungsdokumentation/VPD.

Degrees with 180 ECTS* credits:
Enrollment is only possible once a year for the winter semester, combined with the requirement to make up the difference of 30 ECTS* credits by taking modules from an existing bachelor's degree program at OTH Amberg-Weiden. For this purpose, there is a special offer of six English-language modules, the so-called bridge modules. These are only offered in the winter semester.

Degrees with 210 ECTS* credits:
Participation in the bridge semester is highly recommended. In this case it counts as voluntary performance.

Assessment procedure

If all basic requirements are met, an aptitude assessment procedure takes place. For this, an evaluation of specific aptitudes in the field of energy technology takes place, to be proven by:

  •     scientific work/project work as part of your bachelor's degree in the subjects of energy technology, energy efficiency and energy economics and
  •     practical experience in the field of energy technology or fields related to energy technology.

Please submit appropriate documentation/evidence with your application, for example, your thesis, project work, records of lab work or internships, job references.

These specific qualifications will be evaluated by a university selection committee. Together with the final grade of the Bachelor's program, an overall grade will be determined. If this is 2.5 or better, the applicant will be admitted and will receive a corresponding decision.


    All documents must be submitted in German or English!

* ECTS = European Credit Transfer System stands for the Credit Point System, which is valid in all member states of the European Union (EU). Uni-Assist evaluates all degrees that were not acquired in the EU and converts the final grade into the German grading system.


Here you can find frequently asked questions concerning our study program International Energy Engineering. In addition, there is a welcome guide for international students.

Note: You can look for keywords by using control + F (Windows) or command + F (Mac).

Unfortunately, some links are only available in German. If you enter websites which are not translated to English, we recommend using as a translation tool.

For all concerns please use the e-mail address
(If necessary, your questions will be forwarded to the respective person of contact (POC).)

Questions concerning my application

The application has to be done online by following the instructions in application system Primuss

​​​​​​​You can check the status of your application in your personal account after you have registered. Please make sure you remember your login dates.

​​​​​​​The application has to be done online by following the instructions in application system Primuss.

All international applicants who have not obtained their bachelor’s degree in Europa must have their credentials reviewed and approved by uni-assist. Please note that it can take up to 8 weeks until you receive your VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation = necessary document for your application). After having received or while waiting for your VPD you can apply at OTH Amberg-Weiden and upload your documents in Primuss.

Even if you already have a VPD from another university, you still have to apply for a VPD specifically for OTH Amberg-Weiden.

If you are from a non-EU-member-state, you need to apply for a visa at the German embassy in your home country. Please note that it can take several months until you receive your visa. Make sure that you apply for a visa appointment as soon as possible.

Information about requirements for our study program International Energy Engineering can be found on the pages "Admission requirements and admission procedure" of the program.

The examination board will decide whether your language skills as well as other qualifications are adequate, or if you need to submit further certificates. Language certificates and other necessary documents have to be uploaded in the application system Primuss. Proof of German A2 can be submitted after your first year at the latest.

One of the following English language tests with minimum scores as indicated will be sufficient:

  • TOEFEL iBT (Test centre version) - 80
  • IELTS Cambridge - 6
  • TOEIC – 780

Proof is not required if the university entrance qualification or the university degree was obtained in English.

Please always use the application system PRIMUSS and do not send your certificates via e-mail in advance.

​​​​​​​This is a degree program that does not require tuition payment by neither national nor international students. There is no tuition fee, you only have to pay 72€ per semester for administrative matters (student identity card etc.).

Questions concerning the study program:

General information concerning your studies at OTH Amberg-Weiden and International Energy Engineering can be found on the program website under Contents.

You can find information about the study program and the relevant courses on our homepage, in the module overview or in the timetable.  

​​​​​​​We use the learning management system MoodleAfter the login with your login dates, which you will receive after enrolment, you can get access to your courses and the respective lecture material. Please sign up for all courses on Moodle within the first week of term. You will be given a password for this during the Welcome Session on the first day.

No. The proof of A2 German, which needs to be delivered by the end of the second semester at the very latest, has to be acquired externally.

Questions concerning life in Germany:

Unfortunately, we do not provide a semester ticket for public transport. However, you do get a discount in some (public) institutions like e.g. swimming pool.

Yes. Please contact our Health Insurance Officer, Mr. Schaller, from Techniker Krankenkasse (cc). He will assist you in taking out health insurance. You may as well apply online. If you want to take out a full package with TK's partner Expatrio, follow this link

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.

Some accommodation is available only 5 minutes walking distance from the university. Please note that in Germany, accommodation in student halls of residence is not automatically granted upon admission to a degree program. Please make your own arrangements for accommodation and, above all, make sure you make them in good time. For further information see the International Office pages.

The estimated living expenses are:

  • Enrolment Fee: 72 EUR/semester
  • Accommodation: 323 EUR
  • Food: 168 EUR
  • Travels: 94 EUR
  • Course Materials: 20 EUR
  • Communication: 31 EUR
  • Radio & TV Licence Fee: 17.50 EUR (obligatory)
  • Leisure Activities: 61 EUR
  • Health Insurance: 105 EUR

Total 871.50 EUR / month on average