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Sophos Anti Virus

OTH Amberg-Weiden participates in the nationwide license agreement with Sophos.

For official use on official devices, you will receive the installation files from your responsible workgroup manager.

Students, professors and employees of the OTH also have the possibility to use Sophos Home Premium on their private computers through the framework agreement.

Sophos Home Premium

The Antivirus-Software Sophos Home Premium can be used by our students and employees free of charge for private use on Windows and Mac computers.


  • Realtime Virusprotection
  • Ransomware-Protection
  • Malware-Scans und -Removement
  • Automatical Updates
  • May be installed on up to 10 Computers
Registration und Download

Registration at:

There must be created an account first with your personal university mail address ( at Sophos webpage which you have to activate following the instructions in the activation mail. Please DON’T USE the same password for your sophos account as you use at the university.

After registration you can login to SophosPortal and download the software.

How long can it be used?

After registration the license is valid one year and can be extended as long as you are a member of the university.

End of Life of our contract is at the moment 15.02.2024


Support is only available at after login. The computer center does not give any support to Sophos Home Premium.

What you should know

The status of the Sophos installation is shown by a shield in the systray at the bottom right. If you move the mouse pointer over the white Sophos shield, the following text should appear:

Protected by Sophos.
Last check for updates: today's date

You can perform a manual update at any time by right-clicking on the Sophos shield in the systray and selecting "Update now".

Further configuration options can also be found here in the dokumentation.

Tools for IT-Security

1. password management tool KeePass for Windows 10, macOS, Unix:
KeePass is a single-user password manager tool that offers the option of using a separate password for each application and storing these passwords securely, i.e. encrypted, in a digital "vault". Access to this KeePass database is secured via a master password that must be remembered.
German language file:

2. encryption tool VeraCrypt for Windows 10, macOS, Unix:
VeraCrypt is an open source encryption software for Windows, Linux and macOS. The software allows you to encrypt an entire hard drive and create encrypted containers that can contain individual files.


Microsoft Produkte

Alles über lizenzierte Microsoft Produkte. Zur Installation von Office für MitarbeiterInnen und ProfessorInnen wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren Workgroupmanager.