The Institute actively seeks dialogue with partners from civil society and politics, universities, schools, consumers and companies in order to jointly develop an effective approach to meeting the challenges of social, environmental and economic responsibility.


Our university is an active partner university in the HOCHN network since November 2020! 

Sustainability at Universities: develop - network - report (HOCHN) is a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which aims to establish a nationwide sustainable university network. Within this network, the participating universities benefit from the exchange of knowledge among each other and can thus also further develop the sustainable development of their own institution. Through the membership as a partner university, our university experiences a visualization and appreciation of its own sustainability activities. We would like to share the experience we have gained so far in living sustainability with other partner universities and make a valuable contribution to sustainable development through joint cooperation.


In the EthikForum series, representatives of science, business and public life discuss current, ethically relevant issues with an audience from the university family and the general public.

Further Information

Alliance for Sustainability and Ethics

The Alliance for Ethics and Sustainability was founded on January 25, 2010 between the Ensdorf Monastery as well as its Center for Renewable Energies, the Plankstetten Monastery and the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden. In 2013, the alliance was expanded to include the partners Strahlfeld Monastery (report) and Speinshart Monastery (report). The partners are integrated into the concept of Innovative Learning Places (ILO) of the OTH Amberg-Weiden.

By networking with the concept of Innovative Learning Places (ILO), the partners in the Alliance for Ethics and Sustainability face the task of continuous further qualification. Supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Health and due to the initiative of the environmental representatives of the Bavarian dioceses, a training course for environmental auditors could be offered within the framework of the Bavarian Climate Alliance together with the Catholic Adult Education in the diocese of Regensburg.

Future workshop: NachHALTigkeit

The Future Workshop: NachHALTigkeit aims to address OTH students across locations and faculties to reflect on the future topic of sustainable development in an interdisciplinary exchange. In addition, the event, which is offered in cooperation with the Catholic university congregations and Protestant student congregations in Amberg, Weiden and Regensburg, offers numerous opportunities to reflect on one's own roles, one's own areas of responsibility and one's own possibilities for action.


This is concretized within the framework of the project BTHA-AP-2019-26, in which students from four Bavarian and Czech universities intensively deal with the topic of sustainability. For this purpose, the students from four nations met in the ILO monastery Speinshart and conference house Waldmünchen. In addition to presentations by leading and well-known companies from the region, the topic of entrepreneurship and global justice was also on the agenda.

University and Sustainability in Bavaria

The OTH Amberg-Weiden participates as a member in the network University and Sustainability in Bavaria. Based on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, it participates in the "exchange of experiences and good practice examples in the areas of governance & institutionalization, research, teaching, campus management and transfer university-society." More info at



Principles for Responsible Management Education

The OTH Amberg-Weiden participates as first signatory and member in the German speaking PRME working group. The OTH is represented in the working groups "University Strategy", "Curricula and Programs" and "PRME Selbstverständnis" and actively participates. The working groups meet twice a year to share progress and plan joint projects.

Dialogue forum "Campus & Community“

The OTH Amberg-Weiden actively participates in the project "Campus & Community", which is funded by the Stifterverband. The focus is on the exchange and the promotion of the engagement of universities in the field of participatory transfer for social challenges. The project aims to contribute to a strategic and systematic alignment of universities for a common understanding of civic transfer.