Our study programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

In six consecutive and one part-time bachelor's degree program, we prepare our students for the challenges of the business world and digitization. Our Bachelor's programs are geared to the current requirements of the business world, with a focus on applied business psychology, general business administration, international business administration, digital management or logistics.

For further information on our consecutive Bachelor's programs, please see the respective program page. You can choose from the following study programs:

Would you prefer to study alongside your professional activities? Then you are welcome to find out more about the part-time bachelor's program in Trade and Service Management:

Master programs

Consecutive Master Programs

Based on our Bachelor's programs, we offer you a choice of five consecutive Master's programs at the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL. With these you can specialize in various core areas of management and acquire a Master's degree or an MBA.

The following Master's programs are available to you:

Would you prefer to earn your Master's degree while working? Then take a look at our extra-occupational Master's programs: 

  • Labour Law (LL.M.)
  • Digital Business Management (MBA)
  • Digital Marketing (MBA)
  • Commercial and corporate law (LL.M.)
  • Tax Law and Tax Theory (LL.M.)

Further information on the extra-occupational master's programs offered by the WEIDEN BUSINESS SCHOOL can be found on the pages of OTH Professional.

Cooperative Master Programs

In cooperation with our partners OTH Regensburg, the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf, the University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Hof, we offer three consecutive Master's programs at other study locations. These are the master programs



Web portal Statista - Free access for teachers and researchers

Under the Web portal www.statista.com, you find one of the prominent German-language statistics portals.

You can now participate in the F&L program and unlock the database from the above-mentioned portal free of charge. Thus the complete service spectrum of one million individual statistics from over 40,000 subject areas is at your disposal.

Further information on the F&L program can be found at http.//de.statista.com.

What Statista offers you:

  • Access to SOEP and ALLBUS data
  • Statistics directly as download for Excel and Powerpoint file
  • detailed source reference - ideal for in-depth research
  • Data from renowned partners such as the OECD, the Institute for Demography, Infratest and many more