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You seek to work in an international environment? Multilingual teams and stays abroad are exactly what you want? You like to know how to professionally move about on global markets and how to collaborate with people from diff erent countries and cultures? Then, welcome to our International Business degree program!

Mehr zu International Business – Bachelor of Arts

The first semesters are designed to provide you with all the required business administration tools like business mathematics, economics, and business statistics. Additionally, you undergo special trainings on intercultural competence, meet experts of internationally operating medium-sized companies and global players in a range of hands-on projects. You obtain an insight into operating modes, risks and task scopes of globally active businesses. Furthermore, you will enhance your English language skills and acquire at least one other foreign language.

Make a career worldwide – and discover the study program International Business!

Rahmendaten über den Studiengang International Business – Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Rahmendaten zum Studiengang Bayern AMBERG WEIDEN

Studienort: Weiden

Abschluss: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Studientyp: Vollzeit

Studienbeginn: Wintersemester (1. Semester), Sommersemester (1. Semester), Wintersemester (höheres Semester), Sommersemester (höheres Semester)

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

ECTS Credits: 210

Regelstudienzeit: 7 Semester

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