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Submit your abstract within 30 september, 2023

You can see the details of the Submission in Submission Guideline


    The goal of our conference is to provide a pleasant forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research and developments with a focus on business psychology and transformation for researchers, industry specialists, PhD and masters.

    CoNference Topics in these and related areas:

    Behavioral Finance

    Overconfidence, Herding, Psychological acconting / Mental accounting, Recency, Loss and risk aversion , Heuristics

    Experimental Psychology

    Perception, memory and attention, Motivation, Ethics and moral in experimental psychology, Decision making and problem-solving, Concept formation, reasoning and judgment, Language processing, Learning skills and education, Cognitive neuroscience, Information processing, Artificial Intelligence and computer simulations, Social and cultural factors in the cognitive approach, Experimental methods, research and statistics, Biopsychology

    Future Skills

    Classical competencies, Technological competencies , Digital key competencies, Transformative competencies

    Human Relations

    HR in times of change, Diversity, People and culture, Work life balance or work life blending, Emotional intelligence, Talent aquisition in times of shortage of skilled workers, Workforce transformation, Employer branding


    Customer orientation, Digitalization in marketing, Influencer marketing /Social Media marketing /Content marketing, Online marketing, Consumer insights, Customer experience management , Market research, Storytelling, Advertising psychology, Brand communication

    Personnel & Organizational Development

    Organizational diagnosis, Diagnostic and dialogical organizational development, Agility, Cultural change, Learning Organization / Single loop, double loop, Life-long learning, Managing change, Decisionmaking in teams, Coaching and mentoring

    Positive Psychology

    (Positive) Emotions, Flow, Character strength and personality, Mindfullness and optimism , Self-compassion

    Social & Organizational Psychology

    Psychology in politics and international relations, Social anxiety and self-esteem, Intergroup relations, immigration, and social policy, Self-efficacy and identity development, Parenting and social support in organizational contexts, Addiction and stigmatization in organizational contexts, Psychological and social impact of virtual networks, Attitude & behavioral changes, Group dynamics, Power issues


    Accepted paper will have individual DOI number for Publication