DILLUGIS project

About the 2023 DILLUGIS project

The DILLUGIS (Digital Labs & Lectures for Ukrainian, German & International Students) enables students and lecturers from Urkaine especially of NU "Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic", "NTUU Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and Odessa State Agrarian University, as well as interested international students, to participate in the digital education of the East Bavarian University Amberg-Weiden’s Digital Technology and Management program.  

Regardless of their location, students can continue their studies even in these troubles times by participating in especially selected modules that fully match or enhance their Ukrainian study programs. In order to ensure the best learning environment possible despite challenging circumstances, professors from Germany and the Ukraine are working together to develop and offer digital courses, content, practice opportunities, and even digital labs for students.

The project is implemented with the support of the German academic exchange service DAAD as part of the "Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis" initiative.

Why DILLUGIS is important for Ukrainian students

The DILLUGIS project offers several benefits:

  • participation in the international educational environment through online courses of the Digital Technology and Management program in East Bavarian University Amberg-Weiden

  • the possibility of obtaining modern knowledge, skills and competences, that meet the requirements of the European labor market, from specialists of German technological companies (Siemens, OnraSens) and professors of a German university, whose courses have a significant practical orientation

  • access to the digital educational materials and participation in digital labs and practical works

  • getting the experience of participation in the academic mobility program and implementation of the international project DILLUGIS (Digital Labs & Lectures for Ukrainian, German & International Students) with the support of the German academic exchange program DAAD

  • improvement of English language knowledge

  • participation in multicultural educational process

  • receiving a certificate from the East Bavarian University Amberg-Weiden (in case of successful completion of the course)

  • the possibility of re-enrollment in NU "Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic", NTUU "Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and Odessa State Agrarian University of the studied discipline (course) in accordance with the Regulation on academic mobility

  • acquisition of knowledge and skills that go beyond the traditional educational program in frames of non-formal education

  • familiarization with the educational environment of East Bavarian University Amberg-Weiden for the future continuation of studies within the framework of international academic mobility and internationalization of education.

List of disciplines and courses offered in Summer Semester 2023

You may choose from the following courses:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Business Processes Management
  • Communication Technology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Systems and Databases
  • Product Management
  • German Starter 1 – German language course for participants with little knowledge of German
  • Pre Intermediate 1 – German language course for participants with a basic knowledge of German

A detailed description of the learning outcomes, course content and lecturers can be found in the course catalog.


Important organisational aspects

  1. The training will take place in an online format according to the courses of the "Digital Technology and Management" program of the East Bavarian University Amberg-Weiden.
  2. The language of education and communication is English.
  3. During the entire period of study, support from Ukrainian-speaking professors is provided.
  4. The start of online classes - March 16, 2023, the end of classes and final assessment – June 30, 2023.
  5. Mandatory participation in at least 80% of online classes.
  6. The number of students participating in the project is limited.

How to participate in the academic mobility program DILLUGIS project:

1. Carefully read the information about the project and decide whether you need it.

 2. Choose the courses/disciplines of interest to you that will be studied online at the East Bavarian University Amberg-Weiden, after thoroughly familiarizing yourself with their structure, competencies and skills. For more information, please consult the course catalog.

3. Fill out the application form below with brief information about yourself, chosen courses and justification of the importance of participating in the project (2-3 sentences). 

4. Have a short interview with the project coordinators.

5. Receive a confirmation letter about enrollment in courses.

6. Take part in the organizational meeting and receive the class schedule.

7. Take part in online lectures and digital practical activities.

8. Pass the final assessment and receive a certificate.

Application for the DILLUGIS Project Summer Semester 2023

I hereby apply bindingly for the DILLUGIS project

(why you chose definite course (s), how it will be useful in the future - 2-3 sentences)
I agree that my data will be stored for the organization of the DILLUGIS project.