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Hong Kong

My second Tiger

| China

Hey everyone,

I am Sergio and at the moment I am doing my internship in HongKong. I studied International Technology Management in Weiden and after my study abroad semester in Singapore 2014/2015 it was my dream to go back to Asia. I arrived in HK at the end of March 2016 and will give you an insight of the life here during the following months.

View from the peak

Bar in TST

Our view

Our Pool

My first month in HK

In this blog entry I will give you a short overview of the life in HK.It has been one month now that I arrived in Hong Kong and many things have already happened. As this is not my first longer stay in Asia there was no phase of adaption, instead I directly started networking and looking for a place to rent. the first two weeks I was staying in a hostel  in Mong Kok. Since it was kind of cheap there was no window, uncommon for Europe, but often found in Asia. During the first week I didn't work yet so I had enough time to look for a flat. I already started to contact people for flatsharing when I was still in Germany and had a good overview of the prices and locations so in the end I found the perfect place. I am living together with a Dutch guy now; we have a pool, a gym and a really great view of the sea and the skyline from floor 26. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work.

Junk trips and nightlife

The life in Hong Kong is very versatile. On the weekend you can either party hard in Central, you can go hiking in the nature or you just take the bus to the beach and spend your day there. It is also typical to go on junk boat trips. These trips are very popular because you pay around €50 and then spend all day on the boat - all you can eat and all you can drink from 10 in the morning until six in the evening. We did that once already and there'll be another one in 2 weeks with banana boats and all kinds of fun stuff. Really looking forward to it already ! The nightlife itself is dazzling. It is easy to spend money here, easy to get to know people and no matter what kind of music you like you will definetly find a place. The view from some places is amazing so it's perfect to enjoy the evening after a log day at work.  I really missed that big city life after I left Singapore a year ago. It is great to be back to Asia.


Yes, you will perfectly survive here with English. Important to know is that in HK people speak Cantonese, which means Mandarin is not always of a help. Luckily I made many friends from mainland China aswell, so I can practise my Mandarin daily.  

That´s all for now. Until next time!

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