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Welcome to China, Welcome to Jiangsu University!


Teaser about one year in China!


Hello everyone!

My name is Paul and I am since over one 13 months in China. The first year I spent learning Chinese at our partner university named: "Jiangsu University"(or Jiangsu DaXue -> 江苏大学). After that, I started my internship(Praxisemester) in Shanghai.

In this blog, I will introduce to you what already happened, and of course any current updates. As you have already figured out, my whole blog already is and will continue to be in English. After being abroad for over a year, I have to admit that using English became more comfortable than German(didn't believe that's even possible). Besides this, I also think it might be an interesting change for every reader ;)

Here a short sneak peak of what's up to come!
Joining TV shows, Beijing Opera, calligraphy writing, traveling, giving speeches, cooking together, getting to know the world, and and and...
Ok, enough talk for now. Let's finally show you some pictures!

Want to go to our partner university in China or have any questions related to it?

Just send me an email to: mailtopaul@gmx.de
I am officially entitled as a representative of our university. I can help you :)


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