• Analog Devices(SHARC DSP Boards for the Lab)(since 2012, still active)

Analog Devices provided us with a complete set of DSP boards to be used for our Lab. The SHARC ADSP-21489 is a very powerful DSP, comprising a SIMD structure plus HW units for FFT and filter applications

  • ARGES (Laser Scanning Systems & Scanheads) (since 2009, still active)

System theoretic analysis of the mechatronic dynamicsc of LASER scah-heads. Goal is the developement of  new real-time digital control algorithms and to apply ideas from optimal control theory. Writing speed of the scan heads can be significantly enhanced this way, with the benefit of shorter station times for the customer.

The signals of high-speed infratred cameras are processed (in time- and space domain), to measure the thickness of thin layers of various composite materials. A model-based approach has been realized with several advantages as compared to the conventional approach.

Signals of portable SPO2 sensors (partial preassure of oxygen in blood) are often corrupted by various interference sources. This makes the application of rather complex algorithms, including spread spectrum techniques a necessity. Several patents arose during this cooperation.

  • Siemens Amberg, Signalprocessing for Ultrasonic Sensors,  (2003-2008)

A completely new signal processing method has been applied to ultrasonic distance sensors, greatly improving the usable range of the sensors, especially in the short distance domain. Also, robustness with regard to external interferences is improved.

  • ASDEX UPGRADE, Nuclear Fusionreaktor- Experiment , Garching (2003-2004)

Signal processing algorithnms and software development for automated analyzing of so called "edge localized modes" (ELM) events in high-energy plasmas have been developed, cf. puplication.

  •  LaSat, Rötz, Satellite Technology (2000-2001)

A complete (from the scratch) digital receiver for satellite TV (DVB-S standard) has been developed during a diploma-thesis work.

  • Siemens AG (now Nokia-Siemens GmbH), Consulting Services for digital Communications (ICN):  (1998-2002)
  1.  Systems work for implementing channel coding (RS- and Turbo-coding) for the UMTS W-CDMA standard has been made.
  2. Multi-user- detection for CDMA systems have been investigated (patents) and
  3. Research for possibilities of Space-Time-Block-Codes in connection with CDMA systems (publications).