VR Lab

Technical Supervisor

Technical supervisor of the Laboratory is Gerd Mandel.

More detailed information plus a "virtual lab" can be found at the Lab pages.


The laboratory for digital signal processing comprises equipment for 16 students. Each site contains

  • PC including software for developing and testing DSP programs
  • Two fully accessible and programmable DSP systems
  • A Digital Oscilloscope (Tektronix TDS210)
  • A Function Generator WG-1220
  • Four of the sites include in addition a real-time Video-Signalprocessing system DaVinci (Texas Instruments) including camera and monitor.
  • Linear Rail with driven (double) pendulum, accessible via network (digital control systems)

In addition, there is a site for student projects and research work with the following equipment:

  • Real Time Spectrum Analyzer 14 GHz (RSA  6114A Tektronix)
  • Channel and Fading Generator (SMU 200A Rohde & Schwarz)
  • Spectrum Analyzer FS300 (Rohde & Schwarz)
  • Mixed Signal Scope (Agilent 54622D)
  • Signal Generator (Agilent 33220A)
  • USB Measurement System (Agilent U2542A)

Lab assignments are found at the moodle platform.